I Quit Sugar (continued)

Yesterday was the last day of my 8 weeks of no sugar. I made it.

I feel I ought to admit that it wasn’t actually hard at all though. Not once did I feel real withdrawal cravings or any symptoms like headaches or grumpiness. In fact, while occasionally I would gladly have gobbled a biscuit or two if I could, I’ve only really noticed good things since giving up the white stuff.

As I mentioned in my mid-way post, I really have noticed a vast increase of my attention span, and a notable improvement with my temper. It’s actually pretty scary to think that when you are eating can really affect your behaviour that much, but at the same time, it’s something we all know, deep down.

In the second half of the challenge/experiment I didn’t notice any additional benefits, but I did notice a change in my tastes. Two weeks ago I succumbed to ordering a cider on a hot afternoon in the city. The brand, Bilpin, has been my favourite since my birthday last November, but that day, when I took my first swig of Bilpin, I was disgusted! It really did taste like the most sickly apple juice, and I could not take more than three sips before handing it over to my boyfriend and ordering a glass of wine.

I also snuck a sip of my boyfriend’s vanilla milkshake a few weeks back as well, as we sat in a cafe waiting for our lunch. I loved milkshakes pre-IQS, especially strawberry ones. But this one was also far too sweet for my palette.

Then finally, this weekend, I visited a Hog’s Breath Cafe, where a good friend ordered a monster 400 g steak slab, slathered in a BBQ-style sauce. He offered for me to try some, so I carved a small piece, aware that I wasn’t really allowed the sauce, and took a bite: Beef Cake. It literally tasted like a cow-based dessert. Gross!

Beef Cake

This is now day-1 of no rules and so far I’ve eaten two Weetbix with milk and chia seeds and a sugarless latte. And you know what? They were sweet enough already. We’ll see how the rest of the day goes, but I don’t see myself pigging out on Haribo for a looooong time.

And that, really, was the point. I’ve kissed sugar-dependency ‘good-bye’. Ha!

Edit: I just ate a Kingston biscuit. It didn’t taste overly sweet, but did have a bit of a weird aftertaste. And at 8.2 g of sugar per biccy, that was almost as much sugar as I’ve been eating in total per day for 56 days. Oh God – time to see how my body reacts!

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